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Hello world!

Greetings and welcome to my  Locs of Luv website, I look forward to sharing my Sisterlocks journey with you. Sisterlocks has been for me a liberating decision.

You may be thinking about Sisterlocks, new to Sisterlocks or have had them for many years but you will find exciting and interesting articles and hairstyles and so much more here.

Celebrate your Sisterlocks Lifestyle!

                                                      Love the Lifestyle!

Flexi Clips

As a Sisterlocks wearer you want to make sure that the accessories you use in your hair are safe.  Many accessories have sharp teeth and edges which tend to weaken the locks over time.   I’ve found the Flexi Clip to be comfortable, unique, attractive, functional and most of all safe for my locks.  The Flexi Clip works well in all hair types and comes in various sizes and styles.  The clips make beautiful gifts for all occasions.  Take a moment and visit my web-site and see the entire collection of products by Lilla Rose.   Tired of that plastic claw?  Try Flexi-Clips!

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