Be In The Know!

Did you know that folk will take your hard earned cash and not given you what you requested? Yes ma’am they surely will. If you want Sisterlocks do your research. Out the gate you should confirm that the person who you’re consulting with has taken the Sisterlocks training. Visit the Sisterlocks website @ to see if the stylist is there. If she’s not there that could mean that she has requested to be removed for various reasons i.e., full book of clients or she decided to not renew her Certification. Ask her why she’s not there. In addition to finding out her status request to see her work. Request to speak with her clients. My clients are my walking billboards, if you see a lovely head of Sisterlocks ask the person who their consultant is. Word of mouth still travels pretty fast contrary to popular belief.

To recap…Remember to do your research!

Pictured…Someone who paid close to $1500 for something other than Sisterlocks. She has braids she actually thought she had Sisterlocks. Did you know that folk will take your hard earned cash and not give you what you asked for? Yes indeed they do it every day. Be In The Know!

To be continued…


Locs are a lot like fingerprints, how so? Just as no two sets of fingerprints are identical, no two heads of locs are identical. Locs can be very similar in appearance but not identical. Your locs are unique to you! Take special care of your unique locs by following your consultant’s advice in caring for them. Using proper hair care products and staying current with your reties is essential to keeping your locs beautiful and strong!

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Shampoo Day…

I shampoo my mature Sisterlocks every other Monday. With the weather warming up this routine may change to once a week. Depending on your activity level, your hair type and what season of life you’re in your shampoo regimen may vary. Another important factor to consider when shampooing is what stage are your locks in, are they newly established, somewhere in the middle or totally settled in? Your consultant is your best person to ask if you’re not sure. There are many shampoos on the market, be sure to check with your consultant for her recommendation for your locks. Happy Monday!

Tuesday’s Hair Tip…

Get rid of hair jewelry that can potentially weaken, break or thin your Locs. Any jewelry with sharp edges or sharp points should be replaced with Loc friendly jewelry. As a wearer of the Lilla Rose hair jewelry for over fifteen years I’ve found the hair jewelry to be comfortable, easy to place and loc friendly. Be kind to your locs, handle and accessorize them with care.
Cathy Flexi Flip Clip

Pin It Up Lilla Rose Style…

Happy “Pin It Up” Lilla Rose Style Week!
On this week you’ll learn about our amazing hair accessories that allows you to effortless pin your hair up in various styles!
Spring is here and flowers are popping up everywhere, even in your hair. U-Pins are designed to accessorize an existing style or to hold a style in place. Our U-Pins work in all hair types.The ends are smooth and won’t damage your hair or your scalp.
Triple Knot Style:

  1. Gather sections of hair from opposite sides.
  2. Tie in the middle
    The key is to get balanced amounts of hair from both sides. The number of ties you do is up to you!
    Our Flower U-Pin Set assessorizes this “Knot Style”
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Flower Flexi & U-Pins

Pin It Up Lilla Rose Style🌹

Happy “Pin It Up” Lilla Rose Style!
Tired of the traditional “ponytail?”
Try out the Pony🐎Roll, It’s super easy! Let’s Roll!

  1. Gather hair together at the base of the neck as if to make a ponytail.
  2. Roll gathered hair to one side creating a roll.
  3. Secure with one or two U-Pins
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