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November Highlights…


November was filled with excitement,  we started our month off by showing our appreciation for our clients. Certified Sisterlocks Consultants Cassandra Lawson, Elizabeth Stubblefield, Stephanie Burkes and I planned a day  filled with Glam. Stephanie and Elizabeth styled locks from start to finish while Cassandra snapped photos and spent time getting clients ready for their professional photo shoots with photographer Michaela Sanderson.  We also had Master Sisterlocks Consultant Michelle Bryant in the salon with her Loc Jewelry and Fresh Hair product line.PhotoGrid_1446955728563 Blondell Gathright also put together Mary Kay packets for us and Chef V provided us with fresh green juice. So many pitched in to make our Glam day spectacular. Thanks to all that made the Glam Sessions such a memorable event.

The month marched quickly by with everyone wanting their locks done for the holidays. During the month of November we also welcomed two new clients to our Sister & Brotherlocks family. December here we come!!!




Lilla Rose Black Friday Sale



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Locs of Luv 2015 Glam Sessions

What happens when you get Sisterlocks wearers together for Glam Sessions…So many fun and wonderful things, some Glamorous Divas stopped traffic as their Glam photos were being taken by Michaela Sanderson of Michaela Drew Photography, others were overjoyed as Stylist Stephanie Banks of Luvin’ My Locs  and Elizabeth Stubblefield of Locs by Liz worked their magic. Special shout out to Blondell Gathright who provided us with Glam Mary Kay gift bags, many thanks to Michelle Bryant of Natural Wonders who wowed us with her Loc Jewelry, We also had Tam B’ jewelry in the house as well as Angela Brewer of Healing Hands, Chef V 7 Green juice was on point and last but in no way least my Sista Girl, Cassandra Lawson of Sista Girl Styles was all over the place, instructing, taking photos and keeping us all on our toes, wait! there’s one more person, Ms. Ashley, my personal assistant all day long, Ashley your labor of love didn’t go unnoticed, thanks so much for everything xoxoxox . We also love the men in our lives, Melvin, Kevin and Troy who worked behind the scenes to help bring this all together. Thanks to all that made this such a special and glamorous occasion.

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