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Pin It Up Lilla Rose Style…

Happy “Pin It Up” Lilla Rose Style Week!
On this week you’ll learn about our amazing hair accessories that allows you to effortless pin your hair up in various styles!
Spring is here and flowers are popping up everywhere, even in your hair. U-Pins are designed to accessorize an existing style or to hold a style in place. Our U-Pins work in all hair types.The ends are smooth and won’t damage your hair or your scalp.
Triple Knot Style:

  1. Gather sections of hair from opposite sides.
  2. Tie in the middle
    The key is to get balanced amounts of hair from both sides. The number of ties you do is up to you!
    Our Flower U-Pin Set assessorizes this “Knot Style”
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Flower Flexi & U-Pins

Pin It Up Lilla Rose Style🌹

Happy “Pin It Up” Lilla Rose Style!
Tired of the traditional “ponytail?”
Try out the Pony🐎Roll, It’s super easy! Let’s Roll!

  1. Gather hair together at the base of the neck as if to make a ponytail.
  2. Roll gathered hair to one side creating a roll.
  3. Secure with one or two U-Pins
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Welcome Home!

It’s always a joy when someone decides to come home to Sisterlocks. Whenever someone embraces their natural hair and decides to embrace Sisterlocks we remind them that Sisterlocks is more of a lifestyle than a hairstyle. Wearers of Sisterlocks enjoy the freedom of no more combs, perms, flat irons, weaves, braids, extensions, hair picks, gels, pomades, etc. truly a lifestyle of freedom.

Est. July 24, 2021