Lilla Rose

Welcome to my Lilla Rose Biz and to all the amazing hair accessories you will find! You will discover that Lilla Rose is passionate about creating exceptional designs to meet your individual styling needs.

Lilla Rose is proud to introduce to you the Flexi Clip. The most advanced hair barrette ever made. With its unique design, flexibility, secure mechanism, comfort and the many colors and motifs to accommodate every fashion diva, you will be completely satisfied. A brand-new piece is released each month and sold exclusively during that time while supplies last. The Flexi Clip is available in six different sizes for a variety of up-do’s and hair types. Instructional sizing charts and video can be found on my website for your convenience.

Our newest release the You-Pins, are perfect for buns and twists with styles and ease. The popular beaded Head Bands with Head Bands with adjustable comfort strips are sure to delight any length of hair or complement a ponytail. Bobby pins adorned with unique charms are perfect for those side pieces or even as an accent to a lovely French twist. Lastly, the timeless Hair Sticks used to secure and enhance many of the twist up styles.

Enjoy each page as you browse through the various pieces designed to secure and compliment you hair! If you need help placing and order, or booking a party, please contact me at or visit my Lilla Rose site @

Shop to your heart’s delight

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