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I love meeting individuals who've decided that they're ready to embark upon their natural hair journey. I've worn Sisterlocks now for close to seventeen years and have loved every minute of it. As a result of the freedom and fulfillment I experienced wearing my hair in Sisterlocks I decided to become a Certified Sisterlocks Consultants. As a Certified Sisterlocks Consultant I educate and assist those who're interested in the Sisterlocks approach to natural hair. I'm also a Lilla Rose, being an Independent Lilla Rose Consultant enables me to share not only beautiful hair jewelry that works wonderfully in our natural tresses but I'm also able to introduce interested clients to a wonderful business opportunity. I see what I do as a ministry to those whom I'm blessed to work with. It's my desire that this blog page serves as inspiration to those seeking to embrace their natural hair and learn more about the Sisterlocks Lifestyle as well as other matters pertaining to natural hair. Be sure to follow and share my blog with your friends and other natural hair enthusiasts.

Locks Loops/Soft Spikes

 Lock Loops and Soft Spikes curlers are great styling tools, the results are beautiful, the curlers are quite similar with one notable exception, the Lock Loops have ridges that hold the curler in place. To use I dampen my hair slightly with water, roll the hair onto the curlers and let dry. For tighter curls use smaller amounts of hair and leave the curlers in longer. Lock Loops and Soft Spikes work well with short to medium length hair.

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It’s Wrap It Wednesday!

I didn’t realize I had so many scarves! I started “Wrap It Wednesday” a few months back thinking it would only last for a few weeks. Much to my surprise it’s still going strong. Feel free to post pictures of your wraps here or on my Locs of Luv ~ Locs by Cathy FB page. Happy wrapping!

Scarf: Lilla Rose Stylist Exclusive

Lipstick: Mac Liptensity Lipstick Hellebore


Be a “Diva” about your health as well as your hair…

Many of us are divas about our hair but not our health. As a Sisterlocks consultant many of my clients leave with a minimum of two appointments on my books. The dates are entered into our calendars and alarms are set to make sure they’re not missed. Very seldom are they missed. At Locs of Luv emphasis is placed on providing an environment where it’s relaxed and stress free. We purposely have no TV. How intentional are you as it relates to setting aside your chill time? If you have a favorite place to relax please share in the comment section below. Let’s be divas about our health as well as our hair. Breathe and relax you can do this, your health depends on it.