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Welcome Home Sis to Sisterlocks!

There’s a party going on at Locs of Luv! Join me in welcoming our new sister to Sisterlocks. Please post your congrats,  encouragement is key when starting out. This is this clients second set of Sisterlocks. It’s been several years since her last set What I appreciate about her is that she’s so very comfortable with herself. She has no problem rocking a TWA or TWSLX She just flows with it. The establishment  of her Sisterlocks took nine hours from start to finish. Check out her stats below…

2 inches of 4B Type hair

Rough cuticle

Medium spring-back properties

Short – medium curl pattern

Medium density

My client colored her hair prior to the establishment of her locks. This is advised because color is not encouraged until after her new locks have settled in The settling in of new locks can take up to three months or  longer in some cases. PhotoGrid_1443323285016

We’re both delighted with the outcome and look forward to her five week follow up. Follow this blog to see her progress in five weeks.

2 Tips For Protecting Your Sisterlocks At Night

In order for your Sisterlocks to look beautiful for years to come they need a little help, especially at night. So many fail to prepare their locks for bed, sounds hilarious right? As funny as it sounds your bedtime hair regimen will determine if your locks remain lint free from your sheets, blankets, night-clothes and pillow cases. Just as you wouldn’t go to sleep without brushing your teeth among other bedtime rituals protecting your locks should be high on your list of things to do. For some with thick locks as well as those going through menopause using a scarf can be too hot, many beauty supply stores sell hair wraps that allow for more ventilation. Let’s get that head ready for bed!!


  1. Finger comb your locks to the top of your head,  for those with  longer locks put them into a pineapple style.
  2. Use a silk or satin scarf, fold the scarf into a triangle, wrap the back of your head with the broad side of the scarf, tie the two ends together at the top. Silk scarves are hard to find, the last two  I purchased from a resale store, you can also shop for silk at a fabric store and make your own, silk is a natural fabric which is a lot cooler than cotton and stays put, it doesn’t move around as much as satin and other materials, stay away from cotton scarves as they can absorb your natural oils and cause your hair to be dry.

Wrapping your hair at night keeps them lint free in addition to protecting your style. This is one thing I know from 15 years of personal experience to be true. Sweet dreams!

What’s your bedtime regimen for your Sisterlocks or natural hair? Please follow and share this blog with your friends who wear their hair natural or who may be considering doing so… Thanks!


Sisterlocks and Fitness


One of the many benefits of the Sisterlocks lifestyle is that it allows you to pursue your passions. On this past weekend I got to spend time doing one of the things I love most. I got to hike the trails surrounding the Loch Leven Christian Conference Center in Mentone California. Long gone are the days when you worry about what to do with your hair after a major event or activity. Sisterlocks take away the myriad of excuses as to why one can’t exercise. Recently I googled top excuses as to why women don’t exercise, the top excuse was not enough time. Well, we can strike that excuse off our list, the time we save by not having to style our hair prior to exercise or spend a lot of time afterwards can now be used on exercising. Be active…get moving! Aim for 30minutes 5 days a week or more. Move more! For those with health problems consult your health provider first. Be a Diva about your health as well as your hair.

Sisterlocks Follow Up Appointment…Five Weeks In!


Five weeks ago today this doll received her Sisterlocks, her 4C type hair is ideal hair for locking. Special instructions were given to mom to ensure that the locks would get off to a good start. The mom was shown how to bundle, shampoo and separate the locks. This little one loves swimming in the ocean, during swim time mom makes sure the hair is covered with a swim cap in addition to making sure the sand is removed from the locks after swimming. Wearing a swim cap greatly reduces the amount of sand that can get in the locks. The best way to remove sand from the locks is to allow the locks to dry then gently move the locks around to dislodge the sand. As a side note mom says that life in the house has been so much calmer, her relationship with her daughter has improved drastically, they don’t miss the tears over combing hair, the added bonus is that mom has gained five hours back in her schedule, this means a lot being the mother of three small children.

Swim time with Sisterlocks…What Joy!!


Today was Kid’s Day at Locs of Luv. This little one has had her share of pool time, almost every day for the past three weeks to be exact. Her family recently purchased a home with a salt water swimming pool and the kiddos couldn’t wait to break it in. Salt water pools are much easier on Sisterlocks than chlorinated pools. Nevertheless, special attention still needs to be given to the locks before and after time in the pool. This little one has 4C type hair and has worn her hair in Sisterlocks for three years. Sisterlocks wearers that are still in the settling in phase should confirm with their consultant as to when their locks are ready for swimming. Before swimming the hair should be wet down with water, the water will help prevent some of the salt from being absorbed into the locks. This little ones wear a swim cap during swimming, the purpose for the swim cap is to keep the locks from moving around and experiencing the full pressure of the water. Another way to protect the Sisterlocks while swimming is to put the locks in a protective hair style such as cornrow braids. After swimming the locks should be shampooed and conditioned to keep the hair from becoming dry and more susceptible to breakage.  The hair should also be thoroughly dry before bedtime, sleeping with damp locks can cause the locks to mildew.  When swimming in chlorinated pools be sure to shampoo the hair with a shampoo specifically formulated to remove chlorine, follow with a conditioner. More and more parents are opting to get Sisterlocks for their little ones.  Please visit our Kids in Locks Category  and see some of our lovely little peeps. Be sure to follow our blog and share it with your friends, we can also be found on FB @ Locs of Luv ~Locs by Cathy. For more information about Sisterlocks visit

Sisterlocks trail talk…Say that!

Ohhhhh the conversations to be had on the trails when we Sisters with locks get to stepping and our adrenaline starts to flow, solutions for world peace are just around the next bend.The faster we hike the more topics we cover. On this morning by unanimous vote we decided that those who’ve embraced the Sisterlocks Lifestyle are indeed free, free from the chains that once had us bound, free to embrace our natural hair without regrets, free to just be and freedom to enjoy the liberation that comes with this Sisterlocks Lifestyle. We  decided that we needed our own anthem.. LOL!!!  We decided on “Freedom Liberty and Justice for all!” On the topic of salvation we decided that we can “similarly” say the same things about Sisterlocks, It’s personal and we really don’t know how others may feel about it or what it’s done for them but we can surely tell you what it’s done for us, it’s given us freedom, liberty and yes justice for all! “Trail Talk”PhotoGrid_1442103170866

Day 5 Writing 101 Let Social Media Inspire You

For myself, I’ve found that procrastination is a thief and a killer of creativity. Waiting until the last minute to complete a project or do anything causes you to stress and the quality of your work is greatly diminished.  I’ve often heard it said. “I do my best work under pressure,” or  “I just can’t get it going until the last hour.” I’ve found that  when I operate like that I always have regrets about what I should’ve done or said, my self esteem plummets because I’ve again not been as prepared as I should’ve or could’ve been. Time management is one way to overcome the bad habit of procrastination, the only problem is procrastinators aren’t creative enough to mange their time…So what’s a procrastinator to do? Wait for tomorrow, maybe the answer will come then.

To style or not to style….

To style or not to style…It depends, normally I prefer not to style Sisterlocks  that are freshly tightened. Freshly tightened locks can break at the roots if pulled to tight. Tension from some styles can cause undue stress and tenderness especially around the fragile hairline. If we should decide to style I make sure that the style chosen isn’t tight, there should not be any pain. If I use bobbi pins or the amazing flexi clip  I make sure they’re not resting on the scalp. When styling your Sisterlocks  special care should always be taken not to pull to tight, if you feel like you have a mini face lift or need to take pain relievers then it’s way too tight. don’t sacrifice your hairline for a hairstyle. Have a Fabulous Friday!!! Order your own amazing  flexi @