Sisterlocks™  A Revolutionary New Natural Hair Management System
Sisterlocks™ is designed for highly textured hair.  This system uses the natural hair quality to produce small ‘locks’ that can be styled in the same way as chemically relaxed or curled hair. Sisterlocks™ involves no chemicals to be added to your hair.  It does not involve extensions or attachments.  Instead it is a technique that takes advantage of the natural texture to create discrete locks.
Sisterlocks™  A New Way to Be YOU
Since the ‘Natural’ or ‘Afro’ of the 1960s, there have been few major styling innovations for women with tightly textured hair. Nearly all styles involve covering up or chemically altering the natural texture.  Now Sisterlocks gives a new range of natural beauty options to the African American women.
Why  Sisterlocks?
  • Sisterlocks™ does not alter the hair chemically, therefore has none of the negative side effects or relaxers or curls (i.e. weakened hair, problem ends, discoloration, hair loss, allergic reactions, chemical burns, limited hair growth potential)
  • Sisterlocks™ does not have to be undone in order to be tightened.  There is no abrasion or loss of hair around the edges as with extensions.  Furthermore, there is never any unsightly disruption in the texture of the locks as your natural hair grows out.
  • This natural hair technique is much less expensive in the long run than extensions braids, relaxers and curls.
  • Best of all with Sisterlocks™ you can finally celebrate the natural body of your wonderful hair!  As your natural hair grows longer and fuller, it gives more and more body to your locks, and your styling options increase.

9 thoughts on “Sisterlocks™

  1. Hi, I’ve really been considering getting sisterlocs. I’m natural and I want a style that will truly embrace. I was just wondering what’s the cost for sisterlocs?

    1. Hi Sasha S,
      The cost for Sisterlocks vary. Our rates at Locs of Luv start at $600.00 for five inches of natural hair and below, each additional inch over the five inches is $50.00 per inch. I’ve worn my Sisterlocks now for over 14years and my only regret is that I didn’t start them sooner. I view Sisterlocks as not only a hairstyle but a lifestyle that I’m happy to have embraced. My best to you on your journey. If I can be of further assistance please let me know. Cathy Thomas

      1. Hello to you just want to know what about retightening on new locks will be first time thanks.

    1. Hello Tee,
      The consultation is $150.00…This fee is deducted from the quoted price of establishing your Sisterlocks. This fee is non-refundable should you not keep your scheduled appointments.
      $50.00 If after the consultation you decide not to move forward.
      Please let us know if we can further assist you.
      Warmest regards,
      Cathy Thomas
      Locs of Luv

  2. Hi, I’ve really been considering getting sisterlocs. I’m natural. I have about 7 inches of hair. I was just wondering what’s the establishment base price and additional inch cost?

    1. Hi there, the base price varies depending on the stylist experience. Here at Locs of Luv the price range varies from $700 to $1000 for approximately 4 inches and below. Price per inch over 4 inches varies as well i.e. $25- $ 75. What you save in dollars you pay for in time. I hope this helps.

  3. Hello, How do I schedule a consultation for sister locks?
    Hi there,
    Please give us a call @ 760-584-2844.
    Cathy Thomas

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