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Sisterlocks TM 101

2015-08-24 23.46.45 Sisterlocks can be established with at least 2 1/2 -3inches of new growth, with some hair types more inches are required. Some believe that you need to cut your permed hair off to start Sisterlocks, not so, you can get Sisterlocks established with the perm on the ends. The natural hair is locked only and the permed ends are left in tact. As your Sisterlocks mature the permed hair may be trimmed off when you’re ready. The permed ends allow you to slowly transition into your Sisterlocks. Some decide to do the big chop and start out with Teeny Weeny Sisterlocks (TSW). The TWS are normally worn freestyle, once the locks grow out the client can style her locks to her heart’s content. One key thing to remember is that Sisterlocks are not maintenance free but definitely low maintenance. Keeping your appointments with your Certified Sisterlocks Consultant/Sisterlocks Trainee will keep your Sisterlocks looking great! For more information about Sisterlocks visit

Is Taking Pain Relievers A Part Of Your SLX Retightening Experience?

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Do you need to take pain relievers before or after your Sisterlocks  retightening appointment? Granted for some who have extremely tender scalps this might be the case, however this should be the exception and not the rule. Your retightening appointments should not be painful. If you experience pain during or after your appointment please let your consultant know, the problem could be remedied simply by communicating with your consultant. I’ve  found that spraying a little water on the scalp helps with some sensitivity when retightening. Sisterlocks that are really tight can cause the hair to break at the roots and also cause your hairline to thin. Traction alopecia is the result of pulling the hair to tight, it’s caused by putting the hair under constant strain or tension for long periods of time. Alopecia is something that we have very little control of but traction alopecia can be controlled by not placing to much tension on the hair follicles.  Many who have embraced the Sisterlocks lifestyle are former braid wearers where “tight was right!” If the braids weren’t tight there was the preconceived notion that they weren’t done right or wouldn’t last long. Not so with Sisterlocks!  With Sisterlocks “comfort rules!” Pain should be a thing of the past… How’s your Sisterlock’s retightening experience?

Thank You!!

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Thank you! Two simple words which sometimes are forgotten in all the postings, texts and messages…Tonight, Locs of Luv thanks you for your support. Many of you have been with me for many years, we go way back, we’ve shared meals together, kid’s growing up, hair tips and styles, frustrations and disappointments. Through it all you’ve been a part of my journey and I’m the better for it. I pray that our paths will continue to cross as we meet at the salon or connect through social media or out and about. Consider yourselves hugged and greatly appreciated. Thank you!

With Sisterlocks The Kitchen Is Now a Breeze!

Remember the days when it was time to get the kitchen done? As most know the kitchen, located at the nape of the neck is where natural hair wearers experience the most discomfort. In the kitchen area the hair is normally a tighter curl pattern and tends to form small knots that tend to tangle together, this area can be very painful when trying to comb out even with the use of various styling aides. Whether it was my mom combing my kitchen out with a regular comb with hair grease followed by a hot comb to straighten it further, or a midweek touch up, I dreaded it each time, there was nothing nice about getting my kitchen done…Well, with Sisterlocks  it’s a different story, the hair is gently placed in an environment with an instrument specifically designed to establish Sisterlocks, this allows the hair to do what it wants to do naturally which is to coil and curl. Once the Sisterlocks have been established the maintenance is not  painful and does not cause undue and unnecessary stress on the hair or the hair follicles henceforth no more tears, burns or grease and  working in the kitchen is simply a breeze… What are your memories of your kitchen? Share in the comments section below.PhotoGrid_1439853010386

4C Type Hair + Sisterlocks = Beautiful!


On today I started this little one’s Sisterlocks. This beauty’s hair type is considered a 4C..Tightly coiled hair, rough cuticle, great spring-back properties and is considered the best for locking. The length of her hair is roughly between five and six inches long, because of the tightness of her curl pattern it can shrink down to half that length after combing out. Mom and daughter are looking forward to the future when the LOC method for maintaining her hair will be a thing in the past. LOC is an acronym for…Liquid to loosen the hair, mainly water ~ Cream to untangle ~ Oil to seal the moisture in.  Other benefits of the Sisterlocks lifestyle are no more tears when combing the hair out, just more time to enjoy each other and the hair itself.  We started this morning at 9:30am, took an hour for lunch along with a couple of small breaks here and there. My little client busied herself with movies, books and snacks. We finished up for today at around 4:30p.m. All together we averaged approx six hours total locking time.  The journey continues on tomorrow swing back by and see our progress.