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Be In The Know!

Did you know that folk will take your hard earned cash and not given you what you requested? Yes ma’am they surely will. If you want Sisterlocks do your research. Out the gate you should confirm that the person who you’re consulting with has taken the Sisterlocks training. Visit the Sisterlocks website @ http://www.sisterlocks.com to see if the stylist is there. If she’s not there that could mean that she has requested to be removed for various reasons i.e., full book of clients or she decided to not renew her Certification. Ask her why she’s not there. In addition to finding out her status request to see her work. Request to speak with her clients. My clients are my walking billboards, if you see a lovely head of Sisterlocks ask the person who their consultant is. Word of mouth still travels pretty fast contrary to popular belief.

To recap…Remember to do your research!

Pictured…Someone who paid close to $1500 for something other than Sisterlocks. She has braids she actually thought she had Sisterlocks. Did you know that folk will take your hard earned cash and not give you what you asked for? Yes indeed they do it every day. Be In The Know!

To be continued…

Be Wise In 2018 “Treat” your Sisterlocks with care don’t be “tricked” into thinking that…

Now that you have Sisterlocks you’re footloose and fancy free, no more maintenance for your hair..

>Wrong! Sisterlocks is indeed “low maintenance” but far from “no maintenance.” You must follow your Consultants instructions on maintaining your Sisterlocks between appointments.

You can tame your frizzy Sisterlocks with gel…

>Wrong, gel weighs your locks down and causes build up on and in your locks. The frizz can be tamed by braiding, rolling or two strand twisting your locks. Styling your locks smooths out the frizz and makes it less noticeable. Spritz your locks with a little water and roll or braid your hair, allow your hair to dry thoroughly and enjoy your frizz free style for days. In some hair types the frizz will diminish as the locks mature, in other hair types it is what it is. Locks don’t change the makeup of your hair they just provide an environment for your hair to do what it wants to do naturally which is to coil, curl and form locks.

You can watch a You-Tube and learn how to re-tighten your locks with any of these items…a latch hook, bobby pin, paper clip or a safety pin…

>Wrong, in order to learn to re-tighen your Sisterlocks properly you must be taught by a Master Trainer or a Certified Sisterlocks Consultant with an R Certification. They’re authorized by the home office to teach the class, learning the Sisterlocks way is the best way.

You can use any type of shampoo you want…

>Wrong, in the beginning it’s important that you use a shampoo that will not work against your locks settling in. Under normal circumstances a clarifying shampoo is advised, clarifying shampoos roughen up the hair’s cuticle and removes oils from the hair, this is the best environment for the locks to go through the settling in phase. In some cases clarifying shampoos are to harsh on the scalp, instead of a clarifying shampoo another type of shampoo will be advised by your consultant. Sisterlocks offers a line of products that have been specifically  formulated to clean your locks and not weigh them down.

You should just trim those loose hairs outside of your newly established locks…

>Wrong, while your locks are settling in resist the temptation to do any trimming, those loose hairs often find there way into the locks over time. Trimming them before time compromises the integrity of your  locks, this causes your locks to not be as strong in later years.  Allow your consultant to give you your first grooming at the proper time.

You can grease your scalp and your locks when your scalp is dry and your locks feel “crispy”…

>Wrong, grease will build up on your scalp as well as in your locks. Once your locks have gone through the settling in period you can use the Sisterlocks Moisture treatment or the Sisterlocks Reconstructor to condition your locks. These products have been specifically designed to rinse out of your locks and not cause build up like some conditioners. The Sisterlocks line is just that, a line of products that works well with most Sisterlocks, it has been my product line of choice for the past decade plus. For others, you may have found alternative products and your locks are doing great, if that’s the case wonderful, carry on. Some key questions to ask yourself after your hair has been shampooed, conditioned and dried…Does my hair feel light and airy? Is it limp and lifeless? Can i see and feel  build up in my hair? If your hair doesn’t feel light and airy and there’s noticeable buildup in your locks then it’s time to change your product line.  Keep in mind that we nourish our hair from the inside out, make sure you drink enough water, eat a balanced diet and get plenty of rest and exercise.

Be wise and treat your Sisterlocks with care …Don’t be tricked!

Enjoy the journey!


Steps to Re-tightening Your Sisterlocks

So you think you’re ready to re-tighten your own Sisterlocks…Are you?

There are some really important steps that must not be overlooked in learning to re-tighten your Sisterlocks, they are as follows…

1. You must have Sisterlocks. This means that your locks were put in by someone who was trained, an authorized person, i.e. Sisterlocks Trainee, Certified Sisterlocks Consultant or a Trainer.

2. You must know your locking pattern, simply ask your Consultant for this information. You will only be taught how to re-tighten your locks using your locking pattern. You will not be taught how to start locks, repair locks are groom your locks.

3. Your Sisterlocks must be completely beyond the settling-in phase. The settling-in phase is a phase that all Sisterlocks go through. During the settling in phase your Sisterlocks are doing just that, settling into the Sisterlocks style, they’re becoming more stable as time goes by. When you first get your Sisterlocks you’re given special instructions on caring for your locks. Keeping your regular appointments and following your Consultant’s instruction on caring for your locks between visits will facilitate the settling in process. It’s recommended that you have your locks for at least six months before considering taking the class. Your Sisterlocks Consultant is your best judge as to if you’re a candidate for the class.

4. Seek out a Certified Sisterlocks Consultant with an R Certification. This means that the Consultant has been authorized by the Sisterlocks home office to offer the Sisterlocks re-tightening class.

5. You will be required to sign an agreement that you’re learning the technique in order to maintain your own hair, and that you’re not authorized to do Sisterlocks on anyone’s  hair but your own.

6. Be prepared to pay the price for learning the class. The prices may vary, they can range from $250.00 and up.

For the past 15 years as a Certified Sistelocks Consultant with an R Certification I’ve re-tightened my Sisterlocks for the better part of 13 years, partly because Dr. Cornwell cut the apron strings and set me free early on. Some of the things that have helped me to maintain my Sisterlocks over the years are following the instructions that were given to me during the class. Learning to re-tighten your locks isn’t for everyone, it takes time and commitment to following the instructions given. It’s always good to visit your Sisterlocks Consultant at least once a year to ensure that you’re staying on track. I hope the above steps will assist you in making that decision. If this was helpful please let me know in the comments section. Thanks you!


No more excuses…

Cathy @ Torrey Pines

This picture reminds me of how easy it is now for me to pause and take time out to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. What I enjoy most about the Sisterlocks lifestyle that I’ve embraced is that it removes the excuse of what will I do with my hair after  working out or even taking a stroll on the trails surrounding this beautiful ocean. Most trails have inclines and inclines mean you work harder and when you work harder you “SWEAT” yikes!!! For some, you’re probably saying to yourself, “what’s the big deal??” Well, for those of us  whose hair is naturally kinky and curly it can be a real big deal. Sweat from working out can cause our natural hair to shrink and become difficult to comb out and style.  As a young girl I missed out on the opportunity to learn to swim because of the dilemma of what to do with my hair after swim class.  I can only imagine how many late slips I would have received from that first class after swim class had I gotten my hair wet. Unfortunately we didn’t have You Tube and tutorials that educate you on protective hairstyles and the likes when I was a teen. Thankfully those days are behind me, never to return again. It gives my heart such joy to be able to not only swim, yes, I did eventually learn how, it’s never to late to learn. I not only swim but I’m also an avid hiker. When I’m doing these activities the last thing on my mind is my hair.  I can now relax and enjoy the activity, long gone are the missed appointments and engagements because I’ve got to get my hair done because I worked out this morning. My routine is simple, after working out, I shampoo and condition my Sisterlocks and blow dry or allow to dry naturally. So many things have changed over the years, many parents are now opting to allow their young daughters to wear their hair in Sisterlocks and other natural styles.  Young girls are now able to enjoy  swimming and a myriad of other sports and activities that I only dreamed about as a young girl. Looking forward I’m totally excited about the future and that the excuses we once had are no longer valid. It’s never to late, take that class, no more excuses!

Join In The Celebration At Locs of Luv!!!!

3rd Yr. AnniversaryPicMonkey CollageI

It’s our 3rd Year Anniversary at this location! After having worked from my home for over a decade I decided to fulfill a long time dream, the dream was to open a salon, not just any salon but one where my clients would feel like they were still at my home. A salon that had the home away from home feel. I transported the furniture that my clients had grown accustomed to seeing during their appointments in my home and arranged them in my new salon. As we lovingly prepared to open three years ago, little did we know just how much this truly would be  “a home away from home.”  Just as at home we shared life together, we continued to do so at our new home. We shed tears together as well as attempted to solve world problems over cups of tea.  Nothing really changed but the location, home is truly where the heart is.  Locs of Luv is continuing the tradition of providing her clientele  with professional services and lots of love. There’s now two Certified Sisterlocks Consultants in the house.  Cassandra Lawson joined the family in March of 2015, Cassandra is also a licensed cosmologist. When the two of us and our clients get together it’s truly a family affair, laughter, excitement and lots of positive affirmations flow in and out of the conversation…a lot like what happens in our homes. A house is not a home without the occupants that fill it, we thank God for you as well as extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for making Locs of Luv your home away from home…

Writing 101

2013-01-31 08.50.04

Why I write… I write or blog because I love to connect and impart information to Sisterlocks wearers. potential Sisterlocks wearers as well as wearers of natural hair. There are so many mediums through which individuals learn and social media is at the top. I look forward to being a part of the growing numbers of those who impart information on social media. Even with all of the information available there’s a lot of misinformation, my goal is to provide accurate and practical information for my readers. I get super excited when I receive information that assists me in my understanding of a particular topic, I look forward to being the source of that excitement for my readers.  As a wearer of Sisterlocks now for 15 yrs, I’ve enjoyed wearing my natural hair in this style, in fact it has been more of a lifestyle change for me. Wearing my hair in this manner has been liberating at best. As I write, my goal is to educate and dispel many of the myths that are rampant on social media regarding natural hair wearers. I’m excited about the journey I’m on and want to share that excitement with others. Do visit often, follow the blog and feel free to comment and let me know how I’m doing or not doing, in order to get better I need feedback from my readers…Stay tuned.