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Band & Bolos Flexi

I’m loving this look! Red is one of my favorite colors! Our leather flexis come in an array of colors, styles and sizes. As a Lilla Rose Stylist of ten years I’ve enjoyed not only wearing the different styles but getting to share them with others as well. The flexi clip is our flagship piece. Our famous hair clip comes in 7 sizes and fits all hair types and hairstyles. They’re comfortable, durable, and exceptionally beautiful. Our leather flexis come in an array of colors, styles and sizes.

Pictured: A Braided Leather Mega Band & Bolos Flexi #2820 & Long Maple Stick #2701

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Shut down once again…

The past few weeks have been super busy. We reopened the salon mid May and quickly went about the task of seeing clients. It was a huge undertaking. For many it had been close to three months since their last visit. Over a period of a few weeks we were able to get close to all of our clients taken care of. We look forward to picking up where we left off as soon as we can get back in the saddle. For those we were unable to see know that we’ll be reaching out. Until then please stay healthy. GridPlus_1594088273789

Hello 2020

Cheers and well wishes to you and your family in 2020. My last client of the year is Ms.Peggy. Over the years Peggy, like so many of you have given me the opportunity to be her personal stylist. I thank God for the opportunity to have worked with you all and look forward to 2020.
Pictured: A large Floressa Flexi
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You’ve Got Sale!

Our “Black Friday” sales are happening now. Avoid the long lines and shop from home! All you need is your phone and my website address. Lilla Rose hair accessories work well in most hair types and lengths. The flexi is our flagship piece. It’s available in seven different sizes. (Pictured) An XL Filagree Dragon Flexi #0948 Now 30% Off
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Tips On Transitioning Into Sisterlocks With Protective Hairstyles

20190522_095710Instead of focusing on the usual protective hairstyles like weaves and wigs, why not try these following styles…

  • WASH-AND-GOS: This style can be done several ways, but the most basic way to accomplish this style is to wash and condition your hair and detangle it thoroughly before styling. Once done, a moisturizing conditioner or leave-in or moisturizer can be used depending on your preference. A styler or gel can be layered on top for added hold if necessary. To ensure that you keep your hair healthy while it is styled, make sure you moisturize your hair as much as it needs it.
  • TWIST/BRAID OUTS: This style can be done on freshly cleansed hair or dry hair that has been stretched for added length and volume. After moisturizing, apply your styler of choice and separate your hair into sections and twist or braid it. For added interest, you could put the ends of your hair or the entire length itself on rollers. Once your hair is completely dry, or after some time has passed, unravel and separate the twists gently to hide the parts and increase the volume. The best part about these styles is that you do not need to rewet your hair to restyle. To make the hair pliable enough to detangle, you can either spray it with water or add a good detangling product, then add a styler if necessary and restyle. Also, to maintain your hair’s health, make sure you moisturize and seal your hair, especially at the ends.
  • Wrap it Up! Experiment with hair wraps, there are many tutorials available that will keep you looking fabulous as you prepare to make that transition to Sisterlocks.