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The Journey Continues…

This little seven yr. old will be more than happy when we’re done.  Today she shared that she won’t miss having to wet her hair in the shower then condition it and let mommy pick it out. She can hardly wait.  Today we locked for 5 1/2 hrs.  Eleven hours total. One more day left. Stretching out the time with little peeps is the only way to go….Daydreaming about tomorrow 🙂PhotoGrid_1439509997331

4C Type Hair + Sisterlocks = Beautiful!


On today I started this little one’s Sisterlocks. This beauty’s hair type is considered a 4C..Tightly coiled hair, rough cuticle, great spring-back properties and is considered the best for locking. The length of her hair is roughly between five and six inches long, because of the tightness of her curl pattern it can shrink down to half that length after combing out. Mom and daughter are looking forward to the future when the LOC method for maintaining her hair will be a thing in the past. LOC is an acronym for…Liquid to loosen the hair, mainly water ~ Cream to untangle ~ Oil to seal the moisture in.  Other benefits of the Sisterlocks lifestyle are no more tears when combing the hair out, just more time to enjoy each other and the hair itself.  We started this morning at 9:30am, took an hour for lunch along with a couple of small breaks here and there. My little client busied herself with movies, books and snacks. We finished up for today at around 4:30p.m. All together we averaged approx six hours total locking time.  The journey continues on tomorrow swing back by and see our progress.

Type 4C Mega Dense Hair!

PhotoGrid_1437098161068This  client has a 4C hair type, the characteristics of her hair type include but are not limited to the following… Short tight curl pattern,  rough cuticle and mega density. This hair type has a tendency to shrink down to half its size when wet. This hair type works well with Sisterlocks.

Lil Ladies In Sisterlocks

When I was their age my regimen consisted of shampooing and conditioning my hair followed by a pressing with a hot comb (comb heated up on the stove) This method of styling my hair would often result in my ear or neck getting a burn here and there. The press also only lasted for a few days because  of the extreme heat and  humidity in my home town. For these girls their regimen consist of shampooing , and conditioning, no need to deal with hot combs, regular combs, picks or brushes. The weather is also of no concern to these girls, their locks aren’t afraid of rain!