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Welcome Home Little Sister!

The smile on this young tween’s face upon completion of her Sisterlocks was priceless.  One of the things she looked forward to doing was being able to run her fingers through her 4C type mega dense hair, this is now possible with her Sisterlocks. The Sisterlocks grid (parts)  enables you to easily run your fingers through your hair. The Sisterlocks grid is one of the features that sets Sisterlocks apart from other locked styles.  It took us approximately13 1/2 hours from start to finish. On the first day we worked for 6 1/2 hrs., on day two we worked for 7 hours, oh, we did take lunch breaks on both days along with a few stretch breaks in between.My client’s hair length was approx four inches with perm on the ends, we plan to gradually trim the perm off as the locks settle. To start Sisterlocks you need approximately 2 1/2 inches of new growth.  Because of her hair type her locks will go through the setting in process rather quickly. My client was amazing, she was very patient and hung in there until the sweet end. I even owe her ten jumping jacks because I finished a few minutes after my estimated time to finish.  It was such a pleasure to welcome this young sister home to the Sisterlocks lifestyle, I can hardly wait to see her when she comes in for her follow up appointment in five weeks. Welcome home little sister!

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Welcome Home Sis to Sisterlocks!

There’s a party going on at Locs of Luv! Join me in welcoming our new sister to Sisterlocks. Please post your congrats,  encouragement is key when starting out. This is this clients second set of Sisterlocks. It’s been several years since her last set What I appreciate about her is that she’s so very comfortable with herself. She has no problem rocking a TWA or TWSLX She just flows with it. The establishment  of her Sisterlocks took nine hours from start to finish. Check out her stats below…

2 inches of 4B Type hair

Rough cuticle

Medium spring-back properties

Short – medium curl pattern

Medium density

My client colored her hair prior to the establishment of her locks. This is advised because color is not encouraged until after her new locks have settled in The settling in of new locks can take up to three months or  longer in some cases. PhotoGrid_1443323285016

We’re both delighted with the outcome and look forward to her five week follow up. Follow this blog to see her progress in five weeks.

Locs of Luv Styling Extravaganza

Locs of Luv Styling Extravaganza starring “Roxann Ray” of Houston Texas.   Roxann is a Certified Sisterlocks (TM)Consultant, Sisterlocks Trainer, an accomplished hair stylist and colorist.

Roxann has  participated in many natural hair expos throughout the United States and abroad. Some present at my Client Appreciation gathering was able to be a part of the styling session that she held at the end of the gathering

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Client Appreciation Luncheon (2012)

Words can’t really express the gratitude in my heart for the many that have entrusted their locks to my care, I thank God for you.  Many of you I’ve had the privilege of starting you on your Sisterlocks TM journey, others, I’ve been honored by your allowing me to assist you in maintaining your locks, regardless of how our paths have crossed I along with my family have been blessed by the encounter. Thanks to all who assisted on that day to make it such a huge success. I look forward to the weeks and months to come until we meet again under one roof to celebrate you! Blessings, Cathy…

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