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I love meeting individuals who've decided that they're ready to embark upon their natural hair journey. I've worn Sisterlocks now for close to twenty years and have loved every minute of it. As a result of the freedom and fulfillment I experienced wearing my hair in Sisterlocks I decided to become a Certified Sisterlocks Consultants. As a Certified Sisterlocks Consultant I educate and assist those who're interested in the Sisterlocks approach to natural hair. I'm also a Lilla Rose, being an Independent Lilla Rose Consultant enables me to share not only beautiful hair jewelry that works wonderfully in our natural tresses but I'm also able to introduce interested clients to a wonderful business opportunity. I see what I do as a ministry to those whom I'm blessed to work with. It's my desire that this blog page serves as inspiration to those seeking to embrace their natural hair and learn more about the Sisterlocks Lifestyle as well as other matters pertaining to natural hair. Be sure to follow and share my blog with your friends and other natural hair enthusiasts.

Welcome Home!

It’s always a joy when someone decides to come home to Sisterlocks. Whenever someone embraces their natural hair and decides to embrace Sisterlocks we remind them that Sisterlocks is more of a lifestyle than a hairstyle. Wearers of Sisterlocks enjoy the freedom of no more combs, perms, flat irons, weaves, braids, extensions, hair picks, gels, pomades, etc. truly a lifestyle of freedom.

Est. July 24, 2021

Guys Loves Locs…

On last week I established a young man’s “Brotherlocks!”Brotherlocks are larger than Sisterlocks because guys aren’t really into styling their hair. Women on the other hand are henceforth smaller locks are warranted. The care for Brotherlocks and Sisterlocks are the same. We encourage using the Sisterlocks starter shampoo as well as bundling and banding the new locks until they settle in. The settling in process may last from three months to a year depending on the client’s attention to the instructions given and the clients hair type.