Daily Archives: 02/07/2023

Be In The Know!

Did you know that folk will take your hard earned cash and not given you what you requested? Yes ma’am they surely will. If you want Sisterlocks do your research. Out the gate you should confirm that the person who you’re consulting with has taken the Sisterlocks training. Visit the Sisterlocks website @ http://www.sisterlocks.com to see if the stylist is there. If she’s not there that could mean that she has requested to be removed for various reasons i.e., full book of clients or she decided to not renew her Certification. Ask her why she’s not there. In addition to finding out her status request to see her work. Request to speak with her clients. My clients are my walking billboards, if you see a lovely head of Sisterlocks ask the person who their consultant is. Word of mouth still travels pretty fast contrary to popular belief.

To recap…Remember to do your research!

Pictured…Someone who paid close to $1500 for something other than Sisterlocks. She has braids she actually thought she had Sisterlocks. Did you know that folk will take your hard earned cash and not give you what you asked for? Yes indeed they do it every day. Be In The Know!

To be continued…