Baby It’s Cold OutsidešŸ„¶

When it’s cold outside be sure to wrap up with a scarf, coat or sweater that won’t leave loose fibers in your beautiful locks. I remember finding a lovely red knitted scarf a while back that was super warm, but little did I know that the fibers on the scarf were embedding themselves in my Sisterlocks. Not in the habit of checking the back of my head I was super shocked to discover that the underside of my locks were embedded with red acrylic yarn. I had to allow it to overtime grow out. Coloring my locks weren’t an option because acrylic is a synthetic material which is difficult to color. Instead of choosing wraps and clothing which have loose yarns which can embed themselves into your locks select cardigans, scarves and outer wear that have little to any loose fibers. Stay warm!

Lilla Rose Hair Jewelry: Annessa U-Pins

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