To Wash Or Not To Wash?

On last week I asked the question below on my business FB page, what would your answer be?

What makes your consultant the happiest?
Choose only 1
a. You send her referrals.
b. Tips, flowers and her favorite Starbucks.
c. You wash & separate your locks prior to your appointment.

What make me the happiest is when my clients come to their appointments with their locks shampooed and separated. For those who’re scratching your heads about now, not understanding why any of this matters, let me help you out. We’ll start with the separating of the locks after shampooing. As locked hair grows out there’s the possibility for some hair types to get entangled at the roots. After shampooing it’s a good ideal to separate the locks while they’re damp. When one fails to do this prior to their appointment I will need to perform that task. This increases the client’s time in my chair as well as their tab. I unfortunately am not a full service salon so it’s imperative that the locks are washed prior to coming. If not clients must reschedule.

Do I appreciate referrals, tips and expressions of appreciation? Absolutely, but what makes me happiest is my clients coming ready to get the session started.

At Locs of Luv we’re about the business of making heads beautiful one lock at a time.

Stay safe and well…

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