No More Tears…Only Smiles

Bye bye tears, hello smiles. Long gone are the dreaded days where  screams could be heard houses away. Moms close to tears worked feverishly trying to get the job done before someone called CPS. I don’t know about you but that’s what it sounded like on hair washing days at my house. Well, those days are distant memories for many of my clients who have children with Sisterlocks. No more LOC… Liquid, Oil and Conditioner, no more screams, no more sad or mad faces, only smiles!

Keep in mind though that once your child is locked that there’s still maintenance to do. Sisterlocks is low maintenance not “no” maintenance. You will need to ensure that your child gets her hair retightened at regular intervals. It’s also your job to make sure you teach her proper lock care, this includes sleeping with a bonnet or scarf and proper shampooing techniques among other things.  Your consultant will instruct you on how to assist your child.

Some of you reading this may be wondering if locking your young child’s hair is the right thing to do, some wonder if their child will want to change their hairstyle later in life. Some might want to do just that, others may not. One of my transfer clients wore her beautiful dense Sisterlocks throughout high school and into college. She took the retightening class and attempted to maintain her locks, for her it was more than she could manage, she eventually cut her locks and now is the proud wearer of a TWA, she loves every inch of it. I believe Sisterlocks instill in our young girls a sense of pride in their natural hair, the freedoms they enjoy during their Sisterlocks journey prepares them for what lies ahead as it relates to matters of the hair.



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