Sisterlocks & Road Trips…

PhotoGrid_14506551911661450661736097My most favorite time to retighten my Sisterlocks is when I’m traveling. Whether I’m traveling abroad or in the good old  USA I make sure to retighten my Sisterlocks. My most memorable times have been while traveling in Zimbabwe,  during all three of my visits there I’ve made sure I retightened my locks. The beautiful landscape helped the time to go by faster. It takes approximately six to seven hours to complete my entire head so I pace myself, I normally work at two hour intervals or until my arms get tired. I start in the back, the locks in the back are larger than the front so I can knock those out quicker.  Finishing in a day is a feat that I seldom undertake.The longer I wait the longer it takes to get the job done. Sounds familiar…Right??? I use my pointer finger to gauge  when its  time to retighten my locks, for some this might be too much new growth. Some  may be wondering how I retighten my locks without a mirror, at first  it was really awkward  but practice overtime increased my comfort level and speed. I’ll never forget the time I joined two locks together while traveling home from Arizona. I was new to this whole business of retightening my locks so I freaked out a bit, fortunately I was able to untangle them once I got home to my mirror.  If you ever accidentally  combine your locks don’t panic, they can usually be untangled with a little work.  I just arrived home from a road trip, my goal is to  finish my entire head before 2016, I’m halfway there, wish me well!  Till next time be blessed.

2 thoughts on “Sisterlocks & Road Trips…

  1. Are you using the sisterlock tool to retighten? I’m going to take the retightening class in March I was just curious.

  2. Yes, I’m using the Sisterlocks hook tool. My best to you in learning to retighten your locks. When I first learned to retighten my locks I received two tools, the hook tool and the clip tool. The home office only provides the clip tool now for those who take the class.

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