Where’s that grid??..Oh, there it is!

If your grid is a little off your Certified Sisterlocks Consultant can often times correct minor parts that are not straight over time, this can be done during your retighening sessions. When the hair is loose at the roots it makes it easier to straighten out parts that aren’t so straight.  If the grid is really skewed it’s best to adjust what can be adjusted and leave the rest alone.  Grids may be off due to low density, hair loss or infrequent retights. Keep in mind that the grid only shows when the hair is styled in certain styles so a grid that’s not well established won’t take away from the beauty of your locks. The posted picture is of a client whose grid was compromised in the nape area. Her grid was established properly  but because of her active lifestyle and her need to wash her mature locks once a week her grid was almost none existent . It wasn’t difficult to reestablish her parts it just meant more time in the chair for her.  In order to keep this from happening in the future a few recommendations were made..

1. Come in to get her locks retightened at shorter intervals…every five weeks instead of six  weeks out. Once the slippage is controlled  her retightening intervals can be adjusted.

2. Use the Sisterlocks Starter Shampoo, the Starter Shampoo roughens up the cuticle, a roughened cuticle aids in the locks not moving around as much.

3. Bundle or secure the locks that are more prone to slippage during shampooing and working out. Sweat will cause certain hair types to slip and move around just like water does.

Pardon the blurred pictures…You get the picture:)



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