Daily Archives: 12/09/2015

What’s Under Your Sisterlocks???

What’s under your Sisterlocks? Hopefully a well established grid. For those of you who’re just learning about Sisterlocks and don’t have a clue as to what a grid is, it’s the parting system we use when establishing Sisterlocks. The Sisterlocks grid is one of many things that sets Sisterlocks apart from other lock styles. A well established grid is what we consultant take great pride in. When your grid is on point you reap the benefits. Here are five main benefits to having a well established grid.

1. Greater styling flexibility  and ease in styling. You can rock that part on the side or wherever you desire, when your grid is on point even freestyles rocks.

2. Your retightening sessions are not as long, grids that are established properly facilitate the retightening process…Less time in the chair means more money in your wallet.

3. If you need to transfer to another Sisterlocks Consultant a grid that’s properly established enables the new consultant to retighten your locks quickly and efficiently.

4. Grids that are established properly allow for combining or splitting locks when necessary.

5. Properly established grids that are properly maintained will last for the duration of your locks.

I would like to add that there are times when a client may have low density, hair loss, thinning or breakage, when these conditions are present a trained consultant can provide you with a grid that will work best for your specific need.  As Certified Sisterlocks TM Consultants one of our main goals is to provide you with the absolute best foundation for your Sisterlocks to grow to infinity and beyond…What’s under your Sisterlocks my dear???