Be Wise In 2018 “Treat” your Sisterlocks with care don’t be “tricked” into thinking that…

Now that you have Sisterlocks you’re footloose and fancy free, no more maintenance for your hair..

>Wrong! Sisterlocks is indeed “low maintenance” but far from “no maintenance.” You must follow your Consultants instructions on maintaining your Sisterlocks between appointments.

You can tame your frizzy Sisterlocks with gel…

>Wrong, gel weighs your locks down and causes build up on and in your locks. The frizz can be tamed by braiding, rolling or two strand twisting your locks. Styling your locks smooths out the frizz and makes it less noticeable. Spritz your locks with a little water and roll or braid your hair, allow your hair to dry thoroughly and enjoy your frizz free style for days. In some hair types the frizz will diminish as the locks mature, in other hair types it is what it is. Locks don’t change the makeup of your hair they just provide an environment for your hair to do what it wants to do naturally which is to coil, curl and form locks.

You can watch a You-Tube and learn how to re-tighten your locks with any of these items…a latch hook, bobby pin, paper clip or a safety pin…

>Wrong, in order to learn to re-tighen your Sisterlocks properly you must be taught by a Master Trainer or a Certified Sisterlocks Consultant with an R Certification. They’re authorized by the home office to teach the class, learning the Sisterlocks way is the best way.

You can use any type of shampoo you want…

>Wrong, in the beginning it’s important that you use a shampoo that will not work against your locks settling in. Under normal circumstances a clarifying shampoo is advised, clarifying shampoos roughen up the hair’s cuticle and removes oils from the hair, this is the best environment for the locks to go through the settling in phase. In some cases clarifying shampoos are to harsh on the scalp, instead of a clarifying shampoo another type of shampoo will be advised by your consultant. Sisterlocks offers a line of products that have been specifically  formulated to clean your locks and not weigh them down.

You should just trim those loose hairs outside of your newly established locks…

>Wrong, while your locks are settling in resist the temptation to do any trimming, those loose hairs often find there way into the locks over time. Trimming them before time compromises the integrity of your  locks, this causes your locks to not be as strong in later years.  Allow your consultant to give you your first grooming at the proper time.

You can grease your scalp and your locks when your scalp is dry and your locks feel “crispy”…

>Wrong, grease will build up on your scalp as well as in your locks. Once your locks have gone through the settling in period you can use the Sisterlocks Moisture treatment or the Sisterlocks Reconstructor to condition your locks. These products have been specifically designed to rinse out of your locks and not cause build up like some conditioners. The Sisterlocks line is just that, a line of products that works well with most Sisterlocks, it has been my product line of choice for the past decade plus. For others, you may have found alternative products and your locks are doing great, if that’s the case wonderful, carry on. Some key questions to ask yourself after your hair has been shampooed, conditioned and dried…Does my hair feel light and airy? Is it limp and lifeless? Can i see and feel  build up in my hair? If your hair doesn’t feel light and airy and there’s noticeable buildup in your locks then it’s time to change your product line.  Keep in mind that we nourish our hair from the inside out, make sure you drink enough water, eat a balanced diet and get plenty of rest and exercise.

Be wise and treat your Sisterlocks with care …Don’t be tricked!

Enjoy the journey!


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