No looking back…

Forgetting those things of the past, i.e. combs, brushes, picks, flat irons, grease, perms, weaves, extensions, Jeri Curls, Brazilian Blowouts…You get the picture.

When we answer the call to come home to Sisterlocks the aforementioned things become things of the past. We box up the products under the bathroom sink and sing songs of praise that our bank accounts will reflect the extra cash from not having to purchase every new product that comes along.

Wearers of Sisterlocks have embraced not only a hairstyle but a lifestyle which enables you to have more hours in your day. There’s nothing quite as wonderful as not worrying about what to do with your hair. Wearing my hair in this style has liberated my life in so many ways. My only regrets is that I didn’t get my locks earlier. When I met Dr. Cornwell, the originator of Sisterlocks I absolutely loved her beautiful locks, I couldn’t wait to get my locks. After my consultation I got cold feet and wasn’t as ready as I thought. I wasn’t ready for the permanence of the style. I made up my mind about two years later after attending a book signing with Dr. Cornwell. At the book signing I was surrounded by beautiful locks in all shapes, sizes, lengths, and colors, there were gray locks, sun kissed locks, you name it they were there in all their glory. That was all I needed, I made my appointment and was locked within two months.

If you’re on the fence about getting Sisterlocks keep doing your research. Make sure you visit the Sisterlocks website. There you’ll find tons of information, a beautiful locks gallery as well as a list of Certified Consultants/Trainees. When you decide to come home you want to make sure the person is qualified to assist you on your journey. Come home to Sisterlocks and forget about what was under your sink. Visit for more information.



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