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Steps to Re-tightening Your Sisterlocks

So you think you’re ready to re-tighten your own Sisterlocks…Are you?

There are some really important steps that must not be overlooked in learning to re-tighten your Sisterlocks, they are as follows…

1. You must have Sisterlocks. This means that your locks were put in by someone who was trained, an authorized person, i.e. Sisterlocks Trainee, Certified Sisterlocks Consultant or a Trainer.

2. You must know your locking pattern, simply ask your Consultant for this information. You will only be taught how to re-tighten your locks using your locking pattern. You will not be taught how to start locks, repair locks are groom your locks.

3. Your Sisterlocks must be completely beyond the settling-in phase. The settling-in phase is a phase that all Sisterlocks go through. During the settling in phase your Sisterlocks are doing just that, settling into the Sisterlocks style, they’re becoming more stable as time goes by. When you first get your Sisterlocks you’re given special instructions on caring for your locks. Keeping your regular appointments and following your Consultant’s instruction on caring for your locks between visits will facilitate the settling in process. It’s recommended that you have your locks for at least six months before considering taking the class. Your Sisterlocks Consultant is your best judge as to if you’re a candidate for the class.

4. Seek out a Certified Sisterlocks Consultant with an R Certification. This means that the Consultant has been authorized by the Sisterlocks home office to offer the Sisterlocks re-tightening class.

5. You will be required to sign an agreement that you’re learning the technique in order to maintain your own hair, and that you’re not authorized to do Sisterlocks on anyone’s  hair but your own.

6. Be prepared to pay the price for learning the class. The prices may vary, they can range from $250.00 and up.

For the past 15 years as a Certified Sistelocks Consultant with an R Certification I’ve re-tightened my Sisterlocks for the better part of 13 years, partly because Dr. Cornwell cut the apron strings and set me free early on. Some of the things that have helped me to maintain my Sisterlocks over the years are following the instructions that were given to me during the class. Learning to re-tighten your locks isn’t for everyone, it takes time and commitment to following the instructions given. It’s always good to visit your Sisterlocks Consultant at least once a year to ensure that you’re staying on track. I hope the above steps will assist you in making that decision. If this was helpful please let me know in the comments section. Thanks you!