What’s a consultant to do when your client arrives for her Sisterlocks appointment looking this lovely? You do an impromptu photo shoot. Silverlocks will celebrate two years Sisterlocked this coming December.  Silverlocks started out with approximately 1 1/2 inches of natural hair. The characteristics of Silverlocks hair are as follows…Rough cuticle, this is a great asset especially with shorter locks.  The rough cuticle enables the locks to not slip as much when shampooed. In addition to a rough cuticle Silverlocks has mega dense hair with a short curl pattern. Silverlocks’s scalp in the beginning was dry and flaky. When we would retighten her locks  the cape would be covered with dandruff.  With the extra shampooing that was necessary to assist with her scalp the locks slipped quite a bit, especially the ones in the back. Silverlocks was able to remedy her dandruff problem by changing her diet, exercising  and drinking more water. It’s been a beautiful journey and we look forward to celebrating her upcoming two year Locaversary in December.


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