Who’s Ready For the Weekend???

Weekends for me have changed immensely over the years since I started my Locs of Luv business, in times past Saturdays and Sundays were the weekend for me. Two days to relax, worship and hang out with family and friends. In the business that I’m in weekends are for some of my clients the only days they have off, so Saturdays and on occasion some Sundays after worship you’ll find me at the salon handling my business. As a Certified Sisterlocks Consultant I’ve figured out how to make it work. My weekends are now throughout the week, on those days off I make sure to spend time with family and friends and get a little R & R in. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful clientele and enjoy every minute of my time with them, many of them have been in my life for years. The hours that we spend together are filled with positive and encouraging conversations.  We pray for each other, share each others burdens and boy oh boy do we get our laughs in, and on some rare occasions we’re simple quiet together.  My weekends are different from most but enjoyable nevertheless. Enjoy your weekend and if you’re in my area swing by and say hello to me at Locs of Luv. Lord bless I’ll be there locking and styling away.


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