My Sisterlocks Primary Wire Adventure…

My Primary Wire Adventure…

Here are the steps I took…

  1. Cut primary wire into two different sizes (4 & 5 inches long)
  2. Dampened locks slightly with water.
  3. Sectioned locks into 26 medium size sections.
  4. Rolled each section onto one pre-cut wire in an upward spiral motion.
  5. Allowed hair to dry for seven hours.

I rolled my locks onto the primary wire in an upward spiral motion, and secured the ends by bending them into the rolled hair. I allowed the locks to dry thoroughly before removing the primary wire. I chose to not sleep with the primary wire in my hair because of the exposed wire.  After removing the primary wire I decided to not finger-comb my curls until the following morning. I put my cute Shirley Temple curls into a protective pineapple style (hair gathered in one  pony on the top of the head) and used a silk scarf to hold it in place.

Pros of using primary wire…

1.The wire was super easy to remove, no snagging or pulling. To remove them I unfolded the top tip and pulled the wire from the bottom.

2. The curls were beautiful:)

Cons of using primary wire…

1.The wire had a funny smell, I put the wire out on my porch overnight to air out prior to using, it didn’t help.

2. The wire wasn’t very pliable.

3. Some of the ends had exposed wire..Ouch!

Would I use the primary wire again?? No,  but were they worth trying? Absolutely, for six dollars, you bet!  Thanks for joining me  on my “Primary Wire” adventure. Hair jewelry by Lilla Rose, an XL Flexi is holding my up-do in place.  Order yours today



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