Sisterlocks and Lock Loops…Ready for the Weekend!

Here are the steps to this style…

  1. Use a water bottle to lightly mist your locks…Do not over wet, it can take forever to dry if you do.
  2. Wrap end papers around the lock loops.
  3. Roll hair onto the lock loops. (for tighter curls roll fewer locks)
  4. Allow to dry completely.
  5. Remove lock loops and finger comb your locks into your desired style.

This style can last up to a week or longer providing you don’t get them wet.

Lock Loops and Sisterlocks
Lock Loops and Sisterlocks

2013-01-31 08.08.10

Lock Loops...Hair was slightly dampened and rolled with lockloops. After setting overnight I'm ready for the weekend. The gorgeous curls that will last for days providing you don't get them wet.

2013-01-31 08.44.322013-01-31 08.44.49

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