Sisterlocks and Fitness


One of the many benefits of the Sisterlocks lifestyle is that it allows you to pursue your passions. On this past weekend I got to spend time doing one of the things I love most. I got to hike the trails surrounding the Loch Leven Christian Conference Center in Mentone California. Long gone are the days when you worry about what to do with your hair after a major event or activity. Sisterlocks take away the myriad of excuses as to why one can’t exercise. Recently I googled top excuses as to why women don’t exercise, the top excuse was not enough time. Well, we can strike that excuse off our list, the time we save by not having to style our hair prior to exercise or spend a lot of time afterwards can now be used on exercising. Be active…get moving! Aim for 30minutes 5 days a week or more. Move more! For those with health problems consult your health provider first. Be a Diva about your health as well as your hair.

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