Sisterlocks Follow Up Appointment…Five Weeks In!


Five weeks ago today this doll received her Sisterlocks, her 4C type hair is ideal hair for locking. Special instructions were given to mom to ensure that the locks would get off to a good start. The mom was shown how to bundle, shampoo and separate the locks. This little one loves swimming in the ocean, during swim time mom makes sure the hair is covered with a swim cap in addition to making sure the sand is removed from the locks after swimming. Wearing a swim cap greatly reduces the amount of sand that can get in the locks. The best way to remove sand from the locks is to allow the locks to dry then gently move the locks around to dislodge the sand. As a side note mom says that life in the house has been so much calmer, her relationship with her daughter has improved drastically, they don’t miss the tears over combing hair, the added bonus is that mom has gained five hours back in her schedule, this means a lot being the mother of three small children.

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