Daily Archives: 09/12/2015

Sisterlocks trail talk…Say that!

Ohhhhh the conversations to be had on the trails when we Sisters with locks get to stepping and our adrenaline starts to flow, solutions for world peace are just around the next bend.The faster we hike the more topics we cover. On this morning by unanimous vote we decided that those who’ve embraced the Sisterlocks Lifestyle are indeed free, free from the chains that once had us bound, free to embrace our natural hair without regrets, free to just be and freedom to enjoy the liberation that comes with this Sisterlocks Lifestyle. We  decided that we needed our own anthem.. LOL!!!  We decided on “Freedom Liberty and Justice for all!” On the topic of salvation we decided that we can “similarly” say the same things about Sisterlocks, It’s personal and we really don’t know how others may feel about it or what it’s done for them but we can surely tell you what it’s done for us, it’s given us freedom, liberty and yes justice for all! “Trail Talk”PhotoGrid_1442103170866