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Day 5 Writing 101 Let Social Media Inspire You

For myself, I’ve found that procrastination is a thief and a killer of creativity. Waiting until the last minute to complete a project or do anything causes you to stress and the quality of your work is greatly diminished.  I’ve often heard it said. “I do my best work under pressure,” or  “I just can’t get it going until the last hour.” I’ve found that  when I operate like that I always have regrets about what I should’ve done or said, my self esteem plummets because I’ve again not been as prepared as I should’ve or could’ve been. Time management is one way to overcome the bad habit of procrastination, the only problem is procrastinators aren’t creative enough to mange their time…So what’s a procrastinator to do? Wait for tomorrow, maybe the answer will come then.

To style or not to style….

To style or not to style…It depends, normally I prefer not to style Sisterlocks  that are freshly tightened. Freshly tightened locks can break at the roots if pulled to tight. Tension from some styles can cause undue stress and tenderness especially around the fragile hairline. If we should decide to style I make sure that the style chosen isn’t tight, there should not be any pain. If I use bobbi pins or the amazing flexi clip  I make sure they’re not resting on the scalp. When styling your Sisterlocks  special care should always be taken not to pull to tight, if you feel like you have a mini face lift or need to take pain relievers then it’s way too tight. don’t sacrifice your hairline for a hairstyle. Have a Fabulous Friday!!! Order your own amazing  flexi @ www.lillarose.biz/cathythomasPhotoGrid_1442017254524PhotoGrid_1442017337019PhotoGrid_1442016597314