Micro Sisterlocks TM…Oh My!!! They Are Lovley!


Micros definitely create the fullest look with Sisterlocks, when a Sister with micros walks in the room all heads turn in her direction. Micros are amazingly beautiful and easy to style, the tiny locks lend themselves to a myriad of styles. Up-dos, free styles and braid outs all look stunning with micros. Although they create the fullest look with Sisterlocks and style beautifully there are some cautions…Micros cost more because they take a lot more time to put in and maintain. Your regular appointments take much longer than for someone with average-size Sisterlocks and please don’t miss an appointment, if you do prepare to be in the chair much longer. When I think about retightening  micros I have flashbacks of my  Pre-Sisterlocks days where I would arrive at the salon on time for my appointments and not leave until hours later.  Grooming and maintenance are also more involved as well.  Finally, last but not least micros are more fragile and more prone to breakage than average-sized Sisterlocks. If you’re considering micro Sisterlocks keep the above information in mind and my best to you. Oh My!!! They are lovely, aren’t they?

2 thoughts on “Micro Sisterlocks TM…Oh My!!! They Are Lovley!

  1. Please tell me how you retain length and moisture. I have not had much luck with my micros they keep breaking off and are extremely dry no matter how much I deep condition.

    1. Hello Lyn, Sorry to hear that your locks are breaking and you’re experiencing dryness. What I’ve used for the past 16+ year is the Sisterlocks Salon Treatment shampoo along with the Moisture Treatment, I alternate between the Moisture Treatment and Reconstructor. I normally wash and conditions every two weeks. My hair feels crispy which most would equate to being dry. To date I haven’t experienced breaking of the locks. My regimen is quite simple. I steer away from oils as they have a tendency to weigh the locks down. Due to the size of your locks breaking and thinning may occur naturally but even more so when there’s excessive dryness. Try the Sisterlocks Reconstructor. I like the Sisterlocks line because it does rinse clear and doesn’t build up in the locks.
      Warmest Regards, Cathy

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