The Start of Something Wonderful!!!

It’s an exciting time for my client and myself. As always it’s a privilege and an honor to assist clients on their Sisterlocks journey. The client arrived with freshly washed hair, no conditioners used. The use of conditioners impedes the locking process, therefore the client is advised to not condition her hair prior to the establishment of her locks. Upon arrival the client is encouraged to relax and the journey begins. Photos are taken at the beginning and as the journey progresses. This particular client has approx. 7 to 8 inches of natural hair. Her hair is very dense and has great spring-back properties (when stretched and let go it quickly returns to its original state) We would call this hair type a number 4. A number 4 hair type loves to coil and curl and to lock. Let the locking begin!PhotoGrid_1440744222941

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