Sisterlocks TM 101

2015-08-24 23.46.45 Sisterlocks can be established with at least 2 1/2 -3inches of new growth, with some hair types more inches are required. Some believe that you need to cut your permed hair off to start Sisterlocks, not so, you can get Sisterlocks established with the perm on the ends. The natural hair is locked only and the permed ends are left in tact. As your Sisterlocks mature the permed hair may be trimmed off when you’re ready. The permed ends allow you to slowly transition into your Sisterlocks. Some decide to do the big chop and start out with Teeny Weeny Sisterlocks (TSW). The TWS are normally worn freestyle, once the locks grow out the client can style her locks to her heart’s content. One key thing to remember is that Sisterlocks are not maintenance free but definitely low maintenance. Keeping your appointments with your Certified Sisterlocks Consultant/Sisterlocks Trainee will keep your Sisterlocks looking great! For more information about Sisterlocks visit

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