Welcome Home To Sisterlocks!

Join me in welcoming our Lil Sis home to Sisterlocks. Words are few tonight @ Locs of Luv, after 16 1/2 hours it’s done! We’re all delighted to close this chapter,  we look forward to the next chapter,  the settling in period. During the settling in period the locks will move around and become more stable. I have no doubt this little one’s 4C hair type will go through the process amazingly fast. With the new found freedom this little seven year old  now has life for her and her family will be less stressful when it comes to “hair matters!” ….PhotoGrid_1439606021383Locs of Luv

6 thoughts on “Welcome Home To Sisterlocks!

  1. Beautiful….! But I didn’t know it took that long to loc hair…wow..16plus hours. What’s the longest you had to work on someone’s hair?

    1. Thanks! The longest to date is a little over 25hrs. in the beginning you’re not as fast and it takes a little longer. There are many factors that play into the amount of time it takes to establish Sisterlocks, the client’s length of hair, as well as the amount of hair per square inch. If it’s long and thick you’ve got your work cut out for you, there’s no way around it. The reason it took a while for the client you’re referencing is because she was very tender headed, I couldn’t move as quickly through her 4C Mega dense hair, if I could’ve moved through it quicker I could have finished it in approx. 16. To find out more about the Sisterlocks hairstyle visit http://www.sisterlocks.com
      Great question!

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