Daily Archives: 07/16/2015

The Big Chop!

Six months after the big chop! Happy to be natural again…IMG_2558It feels good! My hair journey has included weaves, braids, perms, and wigs…Many of these styles weakened my fragile hair-line and caused my hair to thin…I currently wear my hair in protective hair styles such as braids and yes I throw on a wig every now and then. When my hair grows out more I’ll feel more comfortable wearing it out. Baby steps!!

Type 4C Mega Dense Hair!

PhotoGrid_1437098161068This  client has a 4C hair type, the characteristics of her hair type include but are not limited to the following… Short tight curl pattern,  rough cuticle and mega density. This hair type has a tendency to shrink down to half its size when wet. This hair type works well with Sisterlocks.