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Can I Get A Witness??


My hair journey was one filled with many transitions. As a natural hair wearer of 14 years plus I’ve long come to love my beautiful natural God given hair. As a child my natural hair was braided, plaited, straightened with a hot comb and sometimes curled with curlers hot from the kitchen stove. The press and curl didn’t last very long due to the humidity and high temperatures where I resided. I transitioned from the press and curl to the perm, the perm provided me with bouncy straight hair, I just hated how my scalp would burn if I perspired or scratched my scalp before getting my bouncy straight hair.  With the perm my hair would break at the point of demarcation if I failed to get my touch ups on time. I wore the perm for years even with the burning and breaking…go figure. After tiring of the straight look I wore a Jeri curl for many years, Because my hair was moisturized daily with the curl my dense type 4b/c hair responded very well, I had the biggest curl fro ever! I loved the curl but didn’t like the products that I had to use to keep my hair from drying out. It wasn’t long before I tired of the Jeri Curl and went back to the straight perm. Over time my hair started to thin in the top. I decided to give my hair a rest and wear individual braids and extensions. These braids and extensions gave me the length I desired and gave my hair a much-needed break. The only problem with the braids and extensions was every six to eight weeks they had to be taken down and done all over again. The growth my hair experienced while in the braids was short-lived when the braids were removed. It was a vicious cycle, my hair would grow, break, grow… I was desperate to find a style that would allow me to embrace my natural hair without the breakage. I almost forgot!!!  I also wore the Afro during the 70’s, … During that time natural hair blogs, tutorials and product lines especially formulated for our hair type were not available as they are now,  so keeping my Afro nice was a work always in progress. My break came when i read an article in the Monitor… a local community newspaper. The article featured the Sisterlocks TM approach to natural hair. Dr. JoAnne Cornwell who patented this approach was interviewed and  the rest for me was history. Sisterlocks has enabled me to wear my hair in its natural state, it allows my hair to do what it naturally does…coil and curl without the aide of synthetic hair, gels, stylers, lotions or anything to alter my hair texture. The Sisterlocks lifestyle for me has been so incredibly liberating. Bad hair days are a thing of the past.  Feel free to share your natural hair journey in the comment section below…it’s amazing how the paths of our natural hair journey intersect. Can I get a witness??