What To Expect…

Step 1: Pre-Education  The BEST clients are educated clients!  Don’t go by hearsay, or gossip about Sisterlocks from people you do not know or trust.  Also, beware of Sisterlocks imitators!   Sisterlocks have gone through great pains over the years to standardize their system and train their practitioners effectively.  EVERYONE who has taken a legitimate Sisterlocks training class know what clients expect.

Step 2: Find a Consultant  Your relationship with your Consultant is most important!  Take steps to ensure this person is ethical, proficient and has a good track record.

People who learn Sisterlocks undergo a training experience that is unparalleled.  We  limit our class size and never skimp on the hands-on assistance.  Also, ours is a “protected” system.  Only authorized individuals may train, and students must agree not to teach or ‘show’ the sisterlocks system to others.    We do this for you to help ensure against fraud.   As we  know, there are those who lack integrity, and will misrepresent Sisterlocks and the service they offer.  DON’T BE MISLED!

Certified Consultants have demonstrated their ability to perform the Sisterlocks techniques as they were taught to them.

Step 3:  Make the Commitment  Once you have done your homework and found a Consultant you’re comfortable working with commit to the program!  You will invest significant resources in your Sisterlocks.  Don’t Half-Step!  Keep your appointments! Follow the Sisterlocks maintenance guidelines from your consultant.  Once you start using products, use the Sisterlocks products that were designed for your hair.  Be patient, and most of all ENJOY your transformation!

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