The Sisterlocks Package

Consultation: During this session, you and I will discuss your personal hair care history, your styling preferences and your lifestyle in order to determine if Sisterlocks is right for you.  You will also have the “test locks” put in your hair to see if they will hold, check sizes, amount of scalp showing, settling-in time, etc.  This consultation is essential for both you and I to ensure you get your Sisterlocks done in the most suitable way.

Locking Session: Bring a good book because the locking process can take a while! The average Sisterlocks customer will leave this session with between 375 and 475 locks and whole new attitude!   I will provide you with a “Starter Kit”  that includes the proper shampoo and shampoo instructions for starting your locks, tiny rubber bands for bundling your locks, a tip sheet and a welcome card with information on how to receive your very own Sisterlocks Birthday Certificate!

Follow Up: You will be asked to return for your follow-up visit after you have had a chance to shampoo your locks at least 2 times.  (Don’t go much longer, or your locks may become to loose!)    This is like a light re-tightening session.  I will monitor the integrity of your locks, tighten them up and give you an idea of how long the settling-in period is likely to take.

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